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Week 1 Assignments (March 13)

The assignments for this week will introduce Polish students to the field of professional and technical writing, as we see it in the US. Students in the US will be learning some ideas about Polish culture. Our goal, then, is to ask and answer questions about the intersection between writing, English, and culture.

Our goal for this week is to further our understanding of US and Polish culture and how these might intersect with professional and technical writing.

What is Professional and Technical Writing?
Technical Writing This brief website will give you some definitions and ideas about the nature of technical writing. What aspects seem clear to you? What aspects seem less clear? Does any of this connect to your own experience?

Technical Writing 101 This video will give you a more thorough introduction to technical writing and how it fits into the professional world. Can you think of any examples of technical writing that you’ve encountered?

Academic vs. Professional Writing This video discusses some important differences between academic writing and professional writing. What differences seem most important to you? How does this match your experience? Are there other differences that the video doesn’t mention?

This week we will focus on introducing ourselves and discussing each other’s culture, as well as our experiences with writing.

  • First, you should study the links above and discuss some of your thoughts right here on the note. (You should see a status update box directly below this note. This is a good place to post any thoughts you have on the material for this week.)
  • On Wednesday, US students will post introductions with questions in „All Network” to get some discussion going. Please read these and respond as you see fit. (Be sure to add a profile pic, so we know you are human!)
  • If you have a thought or question about US culture or technical writing, feel free to post a new „discussion starter” in „All Network.” Not everyone needs to post, though. You might consider collaborating on a post with your friends!
  • As the week progresses, keep up with the discussion and look for ways you can contribute.

Week 2 Assignments (03/20)

Now that we’ve „broken the ice” with some introductions, it’s time to get to work! As mentioned previously, the goal for our current project is to explore instruction writing and how culture, language, and technology influences how these texts are written. We’ll spend this week learning about what makes good instructions and analyzing some examples from our lives. Because writing is highly contextual, professional writers often research and analyze kinds of writing before actually starting a project. That’s what we’re doing this week!

Course Material
These texts will give you some ideas about what makes good instructions and how professional writer’s often approach this task. For this week, you want to focus on specific attributes. What makes good/bad instructions? What might we look for when we look at examples?

Kolin, „Writing Instructions & Procedures” –> 2 Kolin_Instructions

„What is an Instructional Document?”

„Writing Effective Steps”

You also might think about whether or not these ideas apply to your own contexts. For example, do instructions work the same in Poland? Are there any differences?

Here are you tasks for this week!

  • If you have not introduced yourself with a post or a reply, please do that as soon as possible. Look for a conversation you find interesting that you can add some thoughts to.
  • On Wednesday, US students will post some examples of instructions from the US that we can analyze. Read these posts and let us know your thoughts. What do you notice about these examples? What makes them good or bad? Would these work in Poland? Consider using the course material above to help you come up with ideas.
  • By Friday, I would like at least 5 Polish students to post some examples of instructions that you encounter in Poland. These should be in English, not Polish, though. One thing to think about is how English functions in different cultural contexts. Post your example to Yammer with a brief explanation. Feel free to collaborate with another student or two (but tag them with @).